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Things you need to know about the therapy relationship:

If you are now, or have been, meeting with another therapist in the same modality of treatment (e.g., individual, couple, family), you must first formally terminate treatment with that therapist before I can begin providing services.

Normally, everything we discuss will be held confidential. Unless you provide a signed authorization, I will not speak to, or correspond with, anyone about you. If you choose to break confidentiality in any way (e.g., sending me an e-mail, telling anyone about your therapy, using an analog cell-phone), I cannot control, or be held liable for, the outcome. California laws and professional ethics, including standards of practice, either mandate, or permit, therapists to break client confidentiality under certain circumstances.

Some ‘exceptions to confidentiality’ include situations in which there is reasonable suspicion that any of the following has ever occurred or is occurring now: (Note that the following is a sample, and not a complete list of exceptions to confidentiality.)

  • You present a danger to self or others
  • A child (anyone under 18 years-old), dependent adult (anyone 18 years-old to 64 years-old who is dependent on others for their care), or elder (anyone over the age of 65 years-old) is, or was, the victim of emotional, sexual, or physical abuse or neglect (including abandonment, forced isolation, fiduciary abuse)

Although therapy begins with the hope that your life and relationships improve, there is no guarantee that this will occur. Like many things in life, psychotherapy has inherent risks. Some of these possible risks to you include, but are not limited to, experiencing:

  • Disruptions in your daily life that can occur because of therapeutic changes
  • Emotional pain due to exploring personal issues and/or family history
  • Emotional pain within your current relationships


$120 per 50-minute individual, couple, family session
$60 per 50- to 120-minute group therapy session


$50 per 60- to 120-minute group supervision session
$75 per 60-minute individual supervision session
$90 per 60-minute professional consultation session

Some services may be offered on a sliding scale based on the client's ability to pay. Please contact my office for more details.

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