Most of the recipes you’ll find on this site started from ideas sparked from viewing (or eating) one or more of someone else’s creative food ideas over the years. Nothing new under the sun – or something like that. I do not claim to have magically crafted these recipes from only my own mind. However, I do NOT simply post someone else’s recipe, no matter how scrumptious. All versions here reflect my own mash ups and tweaks to match my taste and family’s preferences. Feel free to tweak and enjoy as your own!

Chef de Cuisine (New hire)

I started experimenting with daily cooking, and then baking, in late Spring 2022. I’d always enjoyed cooking for large groups when I could plan the whole event, have hubby help behind the scenes, and get the “Oh, that’s so good!” accolades that would hold me over for a year or two before the next event. The idea of cooking on the daily was a chore to be avoided at all costs. My husband had joked that those Carl’s Jr. commercials (“Without us, some guys would starve.”) were secretly written for me. But, last year my docs had me move to intermittent fasting with a low carb diet. I was pretty sure, at first, that I might never enjoy good food again! However, like most things I set my mind to, crafting something new became a new passion. I no longer eat low carb, nor do I engage in intermittent fasting, but this website is a step on my journey to find what works best for MY body – AND tastes great along the way. Stay tuned…

The OG Chef

Sous Chef (The OG)

My husband was the primary food preparer in our little fam for the first 23 years. And, let me tell you, he excels at making everything from good grub to fine fare. He is still my go-to for questions about types of meats, help with timing a variety of dishes to come out warm at the same time, and the one I yell for when I get overwhelmed by something (not just in the kitchen!).

Kitchen Porter

This kid can do some cooking and baking in his own right, but stays pretty busy with performances (stage and concerts) these days so he mostly schleps as needed (especially the stuff on shelves higher than even my tall self can reach).